Mouth watering patties with your choice of

  • Chicken
  • Beef
  • Fish

Other custom fillings available upon demand.  Can be ordered in dozens.





Seafood Legume (Medley of vegetables cooked with conch, shrimp and crabs)*                                 

Red Snapper (Stewed)

Red Snapper (Deep Fried)

Whiting Fish (Deep Fried)             




Tassot Cabrit (small chunks of goat meat deep fried)             

Cabrit en sauce (Stew goat)             

Boullettes (meatballs) seasoned Haitian style 

Griot (Deep Fried chunks of pork)




Poulet Frit (Fried Chicken) 

Poulet en sauce (Stewed Chicken) 

Tasso Dinde (Turkey Chunks Deep Fried)

Dinde en Sauce (Stewed Turkey) 

Poule dure en sauce (stewed heavy hen)            





Soupe de Giromon** 




All meats, poultry and seafood are served with your choice of rice du jour (Rice and Beans, Rice and Peas, or Black Rice** and Macaroni au Gratin** Salade Russe or Salade a la boulangere**) or white rice and pureed beans du jour



Fritaille your way


Your choice of Tassot, Griot, Chicken, Turkey, cornish hen, Fish or Whiting, served with Plaintains, Acra Marinade and Patate



*   Available every Friday


** Available every Sunday